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Center for Digital Transformation Wins Verizon Grant |Oct 30, 2014

The project entails the use of mobile technologies to remotely monitor senior citizens using sensors and transmit that information real- time via wireless devices to the central electronic health record citizen. Potential problems are flagged and interventions can begin immediately, if necessary.

In an effort to improve health outcomes of New York’s aging population, patients with heart disease or diabetes can transmit their vital signs seamlessly from home to their health professional via a cell phone capturing data from sensors. Patients can receive a daily e-check-up on their health status; a family member can monitor aging parents who may live alone; suffer from a series of chronic conditions, or are on multiple medications. The patient and family can even have real-time discussions about the diagnosis and treatment options while hundreds of miles away. Project outcomes will help support a robust eco-system of interoperable m-health devices that can: empower patients to manage their health by providing real-time medical information via m-health devices and services; enable family and healthcare professionals to monitor the independence of seniors dealing with chronic healthcare issues and allow health professionals to offer excellent care through personalized m-health solutions and interoperable mobile devices.

Project data collected will be analyzed with analytics techniques to study the correlation between the data and outcomes data. The key question to be examined: does the use of M-health devices improve the efficacy of health care delivery to seniors resulting in improved quality and better outcomes? The study can then be extended to larger samples and additional NYC senior populations.

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