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The Center’s Vision, Mission & Goals


The Center for Digital Transformation will be the premier resource for information on the digital transformation of business and society.


The CDT is dedicated to the understanding of the role of digital technologies in accomplishing three fundamental transformations required for success in the global marketplace:

1. Individual transformation to create effective human capital in a changing global environment.

2. Business & Industry transformation to promote competitiveness, productivity, innovation and growth in the global marketplace.

3. Societal transformation to build a sustainable global society.

CDT will focus on enabling business transformation. To this end, business and society are intertwined. For example, a business’s sustainability practices (green IT) have consequences for the environment in which it operates. Digital technologies and strategies that uniquely exploit a business’s core competencies can propel business transformation to the next level. The center will provide the intellectual leadership by organizing and managing a collaborative community of scholars, executives, society leaders and students deeply committed to the role of digital technologies in transforming business and society.

The Center will accomplish this mission by conducting and disseminating high-impact research; creating an ongoing dialog between the various stakeholders including business executives; and, incorporating the understanding of the transformational aspects of digital technologies in the business curriculum.

Goals and Objectives

CDT will harness the interdisciplinary faculty knowledge and skills at Fordham in order to:

  • Promote dialogue among technology executives, users, and other stakeholders about the transformation aspects of digital technologies;
  • Advocate the key role of digital technologies as a driver for organizational effectiveness and society’s betterment;
  • Enlighten and educate business & non-profits about the benefits of socially responsible digital technology;
  • Build a bridge across individuals, organizations, and society at large, and the advocates of digital technology for knowledge transfer and use.

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