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The Design Lab is where business ideas are born.

Housed in the Center for Digital Transformation at the Gabelli School of Business, the lab is a gathering point for Fordham students and faculty who are interested in changing the world through design and innovation that is grounded in academic research. Here, participants find the resources and encouragement they need to solve business and social problems through technology-driven investigations.

The Design Lab is a research hub that connects Fordham students and faculty with New York City startups, individual entrepreneurs, corporations, government agencies, and members of the scientific and technological communities. It is a safe space for new ideas—and a ground for testing them.

The lab offers a unique ecosystem for Fordham students to conduct empirical studies and apply their findings, and design and implement applications, providing fuel for progress. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Developing apps
  • Researching policy issues and generating technology-oriented solutions
  • Applying data science approaches
  • Exploring digital, financial, sustainable and other technologies

At the Design Lab’s core is interdisciplinary research and practice. The lab draws on the strengths and collaborative potential of Fordham University’s nine schools and colleges. Students and faculty work across fields — business, science, social science, and the humanities—to approach questions in new ways and to generate new answers to those questions.

Activities include weekly idea meetings, research presentations, technology workshops, site visits to venues such as startups and business incubators, development of policy papers, virtual lab applications, and guest lectures and panels. Students develop their skills and their knowledge base in a progressive fashion using the apprentice-associate-fellow model, and they showcase their work through annual showcases and exhibitions for Fordham and for the New York City professional community.

Current projects include: big data analytics in social media related to cancer treatment, data science approach to pharmaceutical patent case analysis, innovation and productivity research, corporate sustainability practices and performance, and apps for mobile analytics.

Students are chosen on a competitive basis to participate in the Innovation Lab. For more information, contact:

Prof. RP Raghupathi, PhD
Director, Center for Digital Transformation
Phone: 212-636-7230

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