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raghupathiFounding Director – W. “RP” Raghupathi, Ph.D
RP Raghupathi is Founding director of Fordham’s Center for Digital Transformation, created in 2011 to explore how technology can improve the way we live by promoting growth, raising the standard of living and bringing people out of poverty. Actively engaged with students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, Professor Raghupathi strongly believes that Fordham can and will enable business and technology solutions that produce tangible progress in New York City and elsewhere.

In addition to his teaching and research, Professor Raghupathi is co-editor for North America of the International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics and a senior editorial review board member of the International Journal of Information Technologies and Systems Approach.

Professor Raghupathi’s professional background reflects the intersection of business and technology that defines his Fordham career. He has been a visiting faculty member at Intel Corp., principal at Nexus Systems & Services, researcher at the Automation and Robotics Research Institute, financial and systems analyst at 1st Capital Assets Group and, in his native India, marketing officer at Midwest Leasing Limited and accountant at J.K. Industries.

Before joining the Fordham Schools of Business faculty, Professor Raghupathi taught for nearly a decade at California State University, Chico, where he received professional achievement honors in 1994. He also has received the Outstanding Alumnus Award from the University of Texas at Arlington, where he earned his PhD.

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