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2014 – 2015

Senior Fellow, Teresita Abay-Krueger

Teresita-Abay-KruegerTeresita Abay – Krueger is a former IBM Program Manager, Scientist/Engineer capping a 20-year career where she specialized in the areas of research, strategy, marketing and consulting on emerging technologies focused on all levels in Public Sector, especially defense and law enforcement. While in IBM, Teresita received both the IBM Research Award for the Division Environmental Master Plan and the IBM Corporate Award for Multicultural People in Technology. Prior to leaving IBM in 2009, Teresita spent an extraordinary period in her career developing proof of concepts and presenting to C-level executives from the Industry Solutions Labs. Over four years, she chose to work with start-ups, advocacy organizations and advise non-profits. Now Teresita’s consulting practice is the Greater New York City business outreach representative for the Bethlehem Project of the National Immigration Forum, a Washington DC public policy organization delivery services to businesses with legal immigrants considering a path to US citizenry.

Teresita attended the Marymount College of Fordham University where she earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry and Biology and later did graduate work in both Project Management and Engineering.
Teresita is an appointed member of the Westchester County government, NY, Hispanic Advisory Board, a community and business-centric advocacy group. She contributed to the successful expansion of LatinBusinessToday.com a national publication on business and technology for Hispanic SMBs and start-ups by developing business partnerships and writing articles. She is recently named senior fellow with the Fordham University Center for Digital Transformation working on selected projects to advance the Bronx on the map of technology hoods.

When not running around town keeping up with these ventures, you can find her tweeting, @dona_teresita on the national urgency to foster science, technology, mathematics and engineering (STEM) literacy in underrepresented groups.
Teresita is married to an IBM Manager and is the proud mother of three children.
She’s born in The Bronx, NY. a first generation Latina, of Cuban and Puerto Rican immigrant parents.

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