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Summer 2019 STEP Internship Program at LC campus

Topic: Business Analytics /Data Science

Students will learn and apply the methods and tools of business analytics /data science. The goal is to “analyze a publicly available large data set using software tools such as Tableau to gain insight to make informed decisions.” Business analytics is the application of models, methods and tools to the analysis of data to gain insight to make informed decisions.” The 3 pillars of analytics are visualization, statistics, and machine learning. We’ll focus on the first two. Students will develop the skills in data identification & preparation, project proposal development, methodology, & implementation; and, gain proficiency in Tableau, the business intelligence tool to do descriptive and predictive analytics.

Schedule: 7/8/19 – 7/25/19 – Monday thru Thursday, 9-30 am to 12-30 pm
Lab time: 1-40 pm to 2-40 pm
Location: Lowenstein Lab 304


Week 1: Overview, examples, project ideas, project proposal development, concepts, Tableau learning
Week 2: Project proposal development, software application, prototype development, early draft of report
Week 3: project implementation, presentation, submission of final report

The internship will be managed by Prof. RP Raghupathi and Consultants at the CDT:

Huang Lin – hlin24@fordham.edu – 646-331-2861
Di Yang – dyang43@fordham.edu – 929-452-8961
Sravya Katta – lkatta@fordham.edu – 551-689-3329
Ian Wang – ywang883@fordham.edu – 332-201-6272

Due dates:
7/9/19, Tuesday – 4 great ideas
7/11/19, Thursday – Concept design
7/16/19, Tuesday – Proposal draft
7/18/19, Thursday – Proposal/ prototype, sample charts
7/18/19, Thursday – Do all charts
7/22/19, Monday – Complete charts, analytics/draft report
7/23/19, Tuesday – Write final implementation report
7/24/19, Wednesday – Practice presentation
7/25/19, Thursday – Final presentations, submit final report

Students will evaluate your own, and each other’s work confidentially via surveymonkey online form for each of the 4 deliverables (ideas/concept design/proposal/implementation).

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