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2013 – 2014

Wenbo Dou

Wenbo-DouWenbo Dou is a candidate for the Master of Science in Business Analytics degree at Fordham University, expecting to graduate in December 2014. Driven by his strong interest in data analysis, he joins the center as a student fellow, participating in the Town&Gown analytics project in the NYC Mayor’s Office of Operations. Prior to Fordham, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the Fisher School of Business at the Ohio State University. With the background in both finance and business analytics, he completed an internship at Knights Investment Group, bringing a data analysis view to the company’s investment decisions.

Shuwen Liu
Shuwen-LiuShuwen Liu is pursuing a master’s degree in Business Analytics at Fordham University. She is working on a NYC Town&Gown project to analyze of capital projects data in New York using business analytics techniques. Additionally, as a graduate assistant, she has developed multimedia tutorials and workshops in various software tools such as QlikView and Tableau. Prior to Fordham, Shuwen received her bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from Hunan University, China and worked as a bank officer in China Construction Bank for one year.

Han Wang
Han-WangHan Wang is a graduate student in the Master of Science in Business Analytics Program at Fordham University. Han has developed a keen interest in analyzing data, gaining insight and drawing conclusions during his graduate studies. He is currently working on an analytics project to Improve Capital Project Management in NYC in association with NY City Hall as a Town&Gown project. Also, he has assisted creating workshop and assignment handouts for software such Data Studio/DB2, Cognos, SPSS and Hadoop/MapReduce on AWS and Cloudera platforms, and others. Prior to Fordham University, Han received his bachelor’s degree in International Economics and Trade from University of International Relations and completed a half year internship in Volvo IT.

Maolin He

Maolin-HeMaolin He is working on his Master of Science in Business Analytics degree at the Fordham Graduate School of Business. He plans to graduate in December 2013. Maolin was born in Hunan, China, and received a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in 2012. Maolin will conduct research and develop curriculum as a Fellow at the Center.

Huan Wang

Huan-WangHuan Wang is pursuing a masters degree in Business Analytics at Fordham University. She’s interested in the application of quantitative models and fact based analysis to drive informed strategic decisions. As a fellow of the Center for Digital Transformation, Huan is working on a working paper exploring the opportunities and challenges for Technology Startups in the Bronx. Additionally, she’s working on a collaborative research project in the application of analytics to country-level ICT data set. She’s also assisting in the development of curriculum materials in the use of R for data mining. Prior to Fordham, Huan received a bachelor’s degree in International Trade in China and worked as a banking officer in Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

Qian Ding

Qian-DingQian Ding is a Master of Science in Business Analytics student graduating at the end of 2013. Qian received her undergraduate degree from Nanjing Audit University, China. She’s working on several projects for the Center this year. These include research on The Bronx as a location for technology innovation and start ups, the application of analytics to the ITU ICT database analysis, and development of curriculum materials in R for data mining. Her pastimes include paying software game. Qian is also pursuing her dream of writing and publishing short novels. She also spends time taking care of homeless pets and helping them find a good home.

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